1. Movyon (for Autostrade per l’Italia)

Atlantia Group’s strategic development plan focuses on technological innovation and sustainability, as fundamental levers for expanding the business. Under this framework, meet Movyon for Autostrade per l’Italia: the first technological operators for new forms of motorways and urban mobility. Movyon is a technology hub dedicated to infrastructures. It encompasses the development of digital solutions for analysing and managing traffic flows; of hardware and software for monitoring works and for managing systems for heavy vehicles and transport of dangerous goods; and of new smart products for mobility for the city and vehicles. It aims at equipping roads and motorways with advanced technologies enabling a better organisation of urban movements and motorway-vehicle interaction, under the banner of comfort and safety.

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2. Free to X (for Autostrade per l’Italia)

Atlantia Group aims at promoting sustainable and innovative mobility with in mind the simplification of everyday life. In this context, Free to X is a new company of Autostrade per l’Italia for the development of advanced services, with the focus on sustainability and innovation. Its goal is to develop advanced services for travelers and to promote inter-modality, by offering solutions aimed at improving the travel experience, even off highways.

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3. Aeroporti di Roma completed the placement of its first Sustainability-Linked Bond (22 April 2021)

In line with Atlantia’s sustainable commitmments, the subsidiary of our Group Aeroporti di Roma has successfully completed the placement of its first Sustainability-Linked bond for a value of €500 million and with a term of 10 years, dedicated to institutional investors.

ADR is the first airport in the world to launch a Sustainability-Linked bond, which directly links the cost of debt to the sustainability results actually achieved. ADR’s CEO Marco Troncone said: “Environmental sustainability is no longer just an option but a necessity, and the decarbonisation of the sector is a goal that we take seriously. This is why we want to be pioneers in adopting solutions that preserve the connectivity of the future”. 

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4. The Careport: people, environment and development for a changing land

Atlantia’s primary goal is now to drive the development of increasingly sustainable, integrated, safe, innovative, and efficient mobility, accessible to the greatest number of people. Innovation, sustainability, and the simplification of daily life will be the driving forces behind the Group’s future growth and value creation.

As an example of this committment, on 29 April 2021 Aeroporti di Roma launched their new campaign “The Careport: people, environment and development for a changing land”. This initiative puts at its heart the people, the environment, the territory and the development, closely linked to each other in a circular logic with a broader concept of inclusiveness. 

The campaign aims to outline the objectives achieved and the numerous initiatives and actions implemented to make Rome’s airports truly inclusive and sustainable airports.


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Aeroporti di Roma. People, environment and development for a changing Land


5. In 2024 ADR’s vertiport will connect Rome to Fiumicino in 15 minutes

Innovation is a core element of growth for Atlantia. We plan to foster innovation in the assets in our portfolio by pushing the boundaries, expanding into new innovative areas, and pioneering new forms of mobility. Following the announcement of our investment in Volocopter GmbH in March 2021 we are now proud to present the first concept of vertiports in Fiumicino, managed by our subsidiary Aeroporti di Roma.

Vertiports are the symbols of the mobility of the future, which for us is sustainable, autonomous, integrated and smart. They are conceived as airports for electrical drones that will land and take off vertically, transporting up to 2 people. This new form of urban mobility will allow to reduce traffic jams and plan advanced and predictable movements around the city. The new flying taxis, called Volocities, will push the boundaries of innovation and technology, and pioneer a new concept of mobility in the biggest cities around the world. Singapore and Dubai already committed to guarantee a network of vertiports with a daily schedule of flights connecting the busiest spots in the city.
In the first years one of the places in the Volocity will be taken by the pilot that will drive the passenger to the desired destination. In the near future, the drones will be autonomous: the passengers will insert their destination and the drone will be piloted remotely transporting the passengers to their desired destination. This is one step forward towards the mobility of the future!

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Read the article on Vertiports in the Huffington Post here (2 july 2021) - Italian only