The Group’s commitment to sustainability focuses on the following goals and initiatives:

  • to improve airport and motorway service and safety standards, by carrying out work on infrastructure, ensuring timely, prompt and high-quality communication and by conducting information and awareness campaigns aimed at the communities we serve;
  • to engage in transparent and constructive dialogue with government bodies and communities at each stage of the infrastructure development process (design, construction and operation);
  • to give priority to health and safety prevention at places of work and at construction sites, by implementing specific management systems, continually improving company procedures and through continuous, targeted training programmes;
  • to put people first, by focusing on their potential, motivation and skills;
  • to go beyond strict compliance with regulations governing human rights and working conditions, by adopting international standards and cooperating with government bodies and communities;
  • to promote the use of renewable energy sources and develop increasingly efficient solutions for reducing CO2 emissions and cutting energy consumption, with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of our activities;
  • to promote initiatives that aim to develop and enhance local cultural, artistic, architectural and natural heritage.