Our approach to sustainable value creation

Atlantia’s primary goal is to drive the development of increasingly sustainable, integrated, safe, innovative and efficient mobility, accessible to the greatest number of people. Innovation, sustainability and the simplification of daily life are the driving forces behind the Group’s future growth and value creation. To reinforce the centrality of ESG issues and their strategic importance, Atlantia has identified specific ESG topics and aims to progressively incorporate them into its businesses and across the entire infrastructure development and management cycle and mobility models and systems.



Development of Our Current Portfolio
Focus on the development of key areas of potential within our current portfolio and optimise capital allocation with selective and targeted rationalisation

Sustainability Actions

Enhancing ESG credentials of our existing asset base
Innovation as a Key Growth Lever
Drive transformation, becoming an «Innovation Pioneer», focussing on "New Services to Mobility"

Sustainability Actions

Leverage the Atlantia platform to accelerate the impact of innovation in driving sustainability
Expansion Into New Synergetic Fields
Expansion into adjacent, synergetic sectors to enhance the resilience of the portfolio and capture new opportunities

Sustainability Actions

Sustainability compliance will be core to the selection of new investments
Multi-level Investment Platform
Evolve Atlantia towards an agile and flexible strategic holding/investment management company

Sustainability Actions

Clear commitment of the holding company and its subsidiaries in defining specific sustainability targets

These priorities are consistent and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and the Global Compact principles adopted by Atlantia. They take the form of goals and action plans that which aim to fight climate change, drive the circular economy, protect the environment, build trust with all our internal and external stakeholders, develop human capital and value diversity. Innovation and digitalisation play a crucial role in enabling us to achieve all our priorities and more generally to sustainably grow our business.

Our sustainability agenda is based on six pillars that will form the basis for Atlantia’s pathway towards a business model focused on the creation of value for all our stakeholders.



Atlantia’s strategic positioning relies on offering mobility solutions which are Smart, Safe, Sustainable and Seamless

Our approach to creating sustainable value is built on six pillars:

Ethics and good governance
Running the business with integrity and apply good governance practices
Fighting the climate change
Support transition to a low-carbon economy
Responsible use and generation of resources
Preserving natural resources and the planet
Territory, community and relationship heritage with stakeholders
Contributing to the development of the territories and the communities where we operate
People centricity
Growing a diverse workforce by providing unbiased opportunities to all our people
Digitalization and innovation
Leveraging digitalization and innovation, driving forces of our business model, to accelerate and boost our positive impact for all our stakeholders



In line with Atlantia’s strategy on sustainability, also the subsidiaries of its Group invest and manage assets in a sustainable way. Discover more here

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