Atlantia has introduced a digital platform enabling anyone (employees and external consultants, suppliers and any entity who engages in or who intends to engage in business relations with the Company) to report – via a step-by-step online procedure – alleged breaches of the law or irregularities, regulatory violations, violations of the 231 Model, violations of the Code of Ethics, violations of the Anti-Corruption Policy and any violation of procedures or rules of this nature.

The platform is managed by a specialist external body that is independent of the Atlantia Group. The system enables whistleblowers to make a report without being obliged to register or to identify themselves. Should the whistleblower choose to identify themselves, the system guarantees confidentiality.

Clicking on “enter your report here” gives access to the whistleblowing procedure.

The reports are received by the Atlantia Group’s Ethics Officer or by the 231 Supervisory Board of the relevant company.

The digital platform is not intended to replace other whistleblowing channels, but as an additional option for making a report.

Enter your report here

Alternatively, reports can be sent:

  • by email to:;
  • in writing to: Atlantia SpA, Ethics Officer, via Antonio Nibby, 20 - 00161 Roma
  • by email or in writing to the address of the 231 Supervisory Board of the relevant company.