The remuneration policy, approved by the General Assembly on 28 April 2021, consistent for the entirety of the employees of the holding and elaborated considering the remuneration and the work conditions of the employees, supports the business strategy in pursuit of the following goals: 

  • Transparency - Providing a clear and transparent understanding of remuneration systems: Atlantia fosters dialogue with stakeholders, regularly monitors voting outcomes at shareholder meetings, proxy advisors’ recommendations and market best practices, in order to constantly improve its Remuneration Policy and ensure a high level of transparency towards the market with regard to the remuneration systems adopted. 
  • Sustainable value - Creating value in the long term: the variable remuneration plans are linked to short-term and medium-term metrics that underpin sustainable and long-lasting value growth. The long-term component of variable remuneration plans has a greater weight than the short-term component, is equity-based, and requires that 50% of the shares deriving from incentive plans be held for a period of two years after they vest. Atlantia promotes the sharing of the results achieved with management and, more generally, with its employees favouring a long-term perspective. In this perspective, the Holding promoted a free share scheme for the employees of the Italian companies, allowing almost 11,000 employees to become shareholders. 
  • ESG - Promoting a sustainable development model for shareholders and other stakeholders: Atlantia’s vision of creating economic and social value for communities and territories takes shape in the Remuneration Policy through the anchoring of incentive plans to objectives consistent with our guidelines for the sustainable development of the business, with particular reference to the fight against climate change, the circular economy, relationships with territories, communities and stakeholders; the centrality of people, and ethical and transparent management.


The “Report on the Remuneration Policy 2021 and Compensation Paid 2020” that you can download here pdf download is divided into two sections: 

  • The “Policy” for 2021 for the Directors, Control bodies and Top Management of the issuer
  • The “Report” for 2020 which provides detailed information on the compensation paid during the year


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