Atlantia, in keeping with the guiding principles of its Code of Ethics, requires for all the activities conducted, without exception, ethical and professional integrity, correct behaviour as well as full compliance with laws and regulations in all the countries where the Group operates and with the principles of honesty, reliability, impartiality, loyalty, transparency, propriety and good faith.

The principles laid down in the Code of Ethics represent the common basis of shared values and the unequivocal essential condition that must guide, each within the scope of the relevant duties and responsibilities, the conduct of all the persons to whom the Code applies. The Code of Ethics forms an integral part of the employment contract. Adherence to the provisions of the Code is of the essence for Group Employees. Breaches of even one of the provisions of the Code of Ethics can entail, for employees and executives, the consistent, impartial and uniform application of a disciplinary sanction proportionate to the seriousness of any such breach, in accordance with the applicable rules in the relevant area

Against this backdrop, the document «Ethical rules of conduct and Policy on Disciplinary Actions, Suspension and Termination of Employment governs first of all the measures to be adopted against employees and executives who breached the Code of Ethics and/or internal rules and policies and who are involved in judicial proceedings of which Atlantia comes to have knowledge or that are reported to it by the employee/executive that requires legal assistance and expert advice or through the notification to Atlantia of measures adopted by the judicial authority.

The document governs also the management of legal assistance for former and current Atlantia employees and executives as well as the costs of technical or expert advice, with respect to judicial proceedings involving them in relation to events or actions connected to their duties and responsibilities. To that end, it is noted that the Company will not bear the cost of legal assistance for the employee automatically but will consider first its own interests, to ensure the protection of its decorum and its image as well as the proper management of its assets.  

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