Atlantia SpA’s Corporate Governance system is based on a series of guidelines consistent with the most recent market and regulatory standards. It has been designed to enable stakeholders to engage with the Company’s strategies. The system of corporate governance and controls aims to balance the powers and roles of corporate bodies, and to ensure ongoing stakeholder dialogue and transparency in both investor relations and internal procedures.

The principles of Atlantia's corporate governance comply with Italian laws and regulations, as well as best international practice and the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies.
Atlantia publishes its Report on Corporate Governance every year. The Report contains detailed information on corporate bodies, their composition, terms of office, procedures and powers, and information about other aspects of corporate governance.
The Report also contains information on the rules governing the handling of confidential information and economic and financial transactions. The Report also contains information on Atlantia's internal dealing regulations, control and risk management system and the organisational, management and control model.

Relazione sulla Corporate Governance 2019
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