Financial and non-financial highlights

Financial highlights 2020
Operating revenue
Profit/(Loss) for year
Operating cash flow
Net debt

Note: The results for 2020 reflect the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on motorway traffic (down 24% compared with 2019) and airport traffic (down 75% compared with 2019), the expiry of a number of the Abertis Group’s motorway concessions in Spain and Brazil and falls in the value of the Brazilian real and the Chilean peso. The results also take into account Autostrade per l’Italia’s proposed settlement, agreed with the Government and now awaiting formal approval.

The effects of the pandemic were partially offset by the steps taken by Group companies to mitigate the impact, including operating cost savings and the rescheduling of capital expenditure (excluding investment in safety), as well as by the measures introduced by the various governments to support concession holders.


Non-financial highlights 2020
Climate change
14.5 GWh
Energy produced from renewable sources in 2020
303 k/tons co2
Carbon intensity down 12%* 2015-2020 (-30% 2014-2019)
of electricity consumed is produced from renewable sources (15% in 2019)
Circular economy
1.4 mln/ton
Materials for reuse/ recycling in 2020
Average recovery rate from 2015 to 2020
Shared Value
9.2 bn
Direct economic value created
16 mln
Spent on support for communities during the year
Injury frequency rate in 2020 (vs 15.6 nel 2019)
Reduction in injury frequency rate in last 5 years
Women in key positions
Employee shareholders