€ / mln 2018(1) 2017
Operating revenue 6,916 5,966
Toll revenue 4,992 4,195
Airport service revenues 834 792
Other operating income 1,090 979
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) 3,768 3,679
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) adjusted (a) 3,888 3,777
Operating profit (EBIT) 2,243   2,578
Profit before tax from continuing operations 1,519 2,065
Profit for the year 1,083 1,432
Profit for the year attributable to owners of the parent 818 1,172
FFO- Operating cash flow (b) 2,984 2,566
FFO- Operating cash flow adjusted (a) 3,036 2,612
Capital expenditure (c) 1,125 1,076
Equity 16,332 11,763
Equity attributable to owners of the parent 8,442 8,772
Net debt 37,931 9,496
Net debt adjusted (a) 39,514 10,577

(a) Adjusted amounts have been presented with the aim of enabling analysts and the rating agencies to assess the Group’s results of operations and financial position using the basis of presentation normally adopted by them.

(b) Operating cash flow is calculated as profit for the year + amortisation/depreciation +/- impairments/reversals of impairments of assets +/- provisions/releases of provisions + other adjustments + financial expenses from discounting of provisions +/- share of profit/(loss) of investees accounted for using equity method +/- (losses)/gains on sale of assets +/- other non-cash items +/- net deferred tax assets/liabilities recognised in profit or loss.

 (c) The figure includes investment in assets held under concession, in property, plant and equipment and in intangible assets.

(1) The Abertis Group's results for 2018 have been consolidated on a line-by-line basis for the last two months of the year.