The Board of Directors guides the company towards a sustainable value creation for shareholders and other stakeholders over the medium-long term. Priority issues relating to environmental, social and governance matters and, in particular, climate change has been added to the agenda of the Board of Directors and top management priorities. Short and long-term management incentive schemes incorporate objectives and metrics related to 2021-2023 ESG plan.

Board of Directors

Oversees long-term strategy

Sustainability Committee
Supports the Board of Directors in overseeing the climate strategy, promoting the integration of ESG factors within the business, including those relating to climate change.
Audit, Risk and Corporate Governance Committee
Supports the Board of Directors in its oversight activities, identifying and reviewing the risks connected with climate change that can have an actual and potential impact on the business.
Management Team

Draws up the climate strategy, promoting sustainability, analysis and assessment of the risks and opportunities linked to climate change, and overseeing and coordinating implementation initiatives

Chief Risk Officer
Chief Sustainability Officer
Investment functions
Portfolio companies
Execute the strategy and implement initiatives and projects