Integrated report

This third edition of the Group’s Integrated Report, which draws on the invaluable experience provided by the first two versions of 2012 and 2013, presents an overview of the Atlantia Group’s strategy, governance and financial, social and environmental performance, including concrete and measurable goals and initiatives.

For the first time, the motorway and airport segments have been fully combined in this edition of the Integrated Report, as strategic components of the Group’s business model. The document takes account of the different types of capital: in addition to financial capital, the Report covers human, infrastructure and social capital, as well as how they interrelate with each other, further enhancing the strategic focus and stakeholder engagement.

The 2014 Integrated Report has been prepared on the basis of the principles in the framework issued by the International Integrated Reporting Council, particularly with regard to the materiality principle. This requires companies to focus their reporting on matters that reflect the significant economic, environmental and social impacts of the organisation’s operations or that could have a substantive effect on the judgements and decisions of stakeholders. This latest edition also differs from previous versions, following adoption of the new international G4 sustainability reporting guidelines recently published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which have introduced new indicators and also focus on the concept of “materiality”.