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Atlantia is the European leader in the sector

Atlantia, a holding company with responsibility for portfolio strategies in the transport and communications infrastructure and network sectors, owns 100% of Autostrade per l'Italia, Italy’s largest toll motorway builder and operator, which together with its wholly owned concessionaires is one of the leading players in Europe.
In Italy approximately 4 million people, equal to 8% of the population, use the network managed by Atlantia’s motorway subsidiaries every day. The network has a total length of 3,132 km and is designed to bring Italy closer to the socio-economic heart of Europe by providing efficient motorway links between regions and ensuring the movement of traffic around large conurbations.
The motorway concessionaires directly and indirectly controlled by Atlantia are:
  • Autostrade per l'Italia SpA (2854.6 km of network under concession)
  • Società Italiana per Azioni per il Traforo del Monte Bianco (5.8 km), which manages the Italian section of the Mont Blanc Tunnel (Atlantia's interest is 51%)
  • Raccordo Autostradale Valle d'Aosta SpA (32.3 km), which manages the road linking Aosta and the Mont Blanc Tunnel
  • Autostrada Torino-Savona SpA (130.9 km), which manages the motorway linking Turin and the Ligurian coast
  • Società Autostrada Tirrenica SpA, which holds the concession for the entire length of the Livorno-Civitavecchia motorway (240 km) and currently manages the Livorno-Rosignano section (36.6 km). A 69.1% interest in this company is in the process of being sold;
  • Tangenziale di Napoli SpA (20.2 km), which manages Naples' orbital motorway
  • Società Autostrade Meridionali SpA (51.6 km), which manages the Naples-Pompei-Salerno motorway


The following companies supply support services for the core Italian motorway business:
  • Spea- Ingegneria Europea SpA, which is responsible for design, works supervision, monitoring and the routine maintenance of road works;
  • Pavimental SpA, which carries out road surfacing and maintenance;
  • EsseDiEsse Società di Servizi, which provides administrative, payroll, general and facility management services for the entire Group;
  • AD Moving, which sells advertising space and services and manages events at servcie areas;
  • Port Mobility Spa, which manages services within the Port of Civitavecchia.
Atlantia also has an overseas presence via a series of investments; the foreign companies that are currently directly or indirectly controlled by Atlantia are:
  • Stalexport Autostrady (57.28%) in Poland, a conglomerate listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange that since 1997 has held the concession for the for the 61-km long A4 Krakow-Katowice motorway;
  • Pune Solapur Expressways (50%) in India, which holds the concession (expiring 2030) for 110 km motorway in the state of Maharashtra;
  • Ecomouv (70%) in France, a project company built for the implementation and operation of a satellite-based toll system for heavy vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes on a part of the country’s 15,000-km road network;
  • Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (45%) in USA, which provides system integration, hardware and software maintenance, customer services and consultancy in the field of free flow electronics toll collection systems;
  • Autostrade dell'Atlantico (100%) and Autostrade Sud America (45.77%), which own a number of Chilean, Brazilian and Portuguese motorway concessionaires forming part of the Itinere Group, and that operate a total of 702 km of toll motorway.
Autostrade dell'Atlantico, directly and indirectly holds:
  • 100% of Societad Concessionaria de Los Lagos, the holder of the concession  (expiring 2023) for the 135 km toll motorway serving the cities of Rio Bueno and Puerto Monttt in Chile ;
  • 80% of Triangulo do Sol SA, the holder of the concession (expiring 2021) for the 442 km toll motorway in the state of San Paolo in Brasil.
Autostrade Sud America, directly and indirectly owns investments in the following companies:
  • 100% of Costanera Norte, which holds the concession (expiring 2033) for 43 km of road network in the city of Santiago in Chile;
  • 50% of Autopista Vespucio Sur SA, the holder of the concession (expiring 2032) for the 23.5 km southern section of the orbital toll motorway serving the city of Santiago del Chile;
  • 50% of Litoral Central SA, the holder of the concession (expiring 2031) for the 79 km toll motorway serving the cities of Algarrobo, Casablanca and Cartagena in Chile;
  • 100% of Autopista Nororiente SA, the holder of the concession (expiring 2044) for the 21.5 km nort-eastern bypass in the city of Santiago del Chile;
  • 100% of Acesso Vial Aeropuerto SA, the holder of the concession for the urban motorway linking the city of Santiago with Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport.
Atlantia has also undertaken the following initiatives in areas linked to its core business:
  • Infoblu SpA, which produces and distributes motorway traffic information services;
  • TowerCo SpA, a company responsible for designing and constructing fully equipped multi-operator sites along the motorway network, capable of hosting the antennas and equipment of various telecommunications operators (typically mobile) as well as of public service providers and the Group itself (Isoradio, traffic control systems, etc.). In this context framework agreements have been entered into with Telecom Italia Mobile SpA, Wind SpA and Vodafone SpA;
  • the development of applications for Telepass and systems designed to manage traffic in Restricted Traffic Zones (urban areas, ports, interports and car parks), which has seen the Group supply electronic access control equipment for the town centres of Siena, Perugia and Florence.

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