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50% + 1 share Atlantia / 50% - 1 share Bertin group

Description of the transaction

At the end of June 2012, Atlantia entered into a joint venture with the Bertin group with the establishment of the holding company, AB Concessões, with 50% + 1 share owned by the Atlantia and 50% - 1 share owned by the Bertin group, to whom have been contributed the assets held in Brazil.

Strategic rationale for the transaction

The aim of the transaction was to create a shared platform for the development of motorway projects in the country of Brazil. AB Concessões hold 100% of the concessions Triangulo do Sol and Rodovias das Colinas, and 50% of Rodovia do Tietê capital in the state of San Paolo and 100% of the concession Nascentes das Gerais in the state Minas Gerais.

Description of the partner

The Bertin group is a family-owned group. It started life as an agro-industrial business, which later diversified its business, investing above all in the infrastructure and energy sectors.