Extraordinary General Meeting, 8 -9 August 2013

Minutes of Extraordinay General Meeting :

Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting (64 kb - PDF)
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Summary of results of voting:

Summary of results of voting on agenda items ( 337 Kb PDF)


Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting:
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting 8-9 August 2013 (132 kb - PDF)

The holders of voting rights are hereby called to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held at the Company’s registered office at Via Antonio Nibby, 20 in Rome at 10.00am on 8 August 2013, in first call, and, if necessary, in second call on 9 August 2013 at the same time and place, in order to deliberate on the following Agenda.

Documentation and Resolutions

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The documentation regarding the items on the Agenda are hereby made available within the terms provided for the laws and regulations in force.

1. The Merger of Gemina SpA with and into Atlantia SpA: approval of a new provision for the Merger Plan entailing the issuance of Contingent Value Rights to be granted, as of the effective date of the Merger, to the holders of Gemina SpA’s ordinary and savings shares. The resulting increase in the nominal share capital of €18,455,815.00 through the issue of up to 18,455,815 ordinary Atlantia shares with a par value of €1.00 each to service the Contingent Value Rights; related and resulting resolutions, authorities and powers.


Please be informed that the 2012 Annual Reports of Atlantia S.p.A. and of GEMINA S.p.A. are available - together with the Annual Report of last 3 years of the two companies, the Atlantia BoD’ Report ex 2501-quinquies civil code and the Expert’s Report ex art. 2501-sexies civil code (both published on 29 March 2013) at the following link www.atlantia.it/en/investors/meetings/assemblea_30aprile2013

2. Solely in the event of failure to approve item 1 above, the eventual revocation of the resolution approving the Plan for the Merger of Gemina SpA with and into Atlantia SpA adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Atlantia’s shareholders on 30 April 2013.