Nomination, Remuneration and Human Capital Committee

The Committee carries out proposal and advisory functions vis-à-vis the Board of Directors with reference, inter alia, to:

  • the remuneration of the members of the corporate bodies and top management; 
  • the strategic development of human capital;
  • the self-assessment activity of the Board of Directors and its committees; 
  • the drafting, updating and implementation of any plans and/or procedures for the succession of the Chief Executive Officer and of any other executive director;
  • proposals of candidates to the position of director of the Company in case of co-optation or of executive director of Strategic Companies.

The Committee has adopted a Regulation governing its composition, duties and functioning, updated with a view to implementing also the recommendations contained in the New Corporate Governance Code.

Terms of Reference governing Nomination, Remuneration and Human Capital Committee Scarica il pdf

The Committee is made up of 5 independent non-executive Directors.

Riccardo Bruno Chairman (Independent Director)
Andrea Boitani (Independent Director)
Giuseppe Guizzi (Independent Director) (1)
Anna Chiara Invernizzi (Independent Director)
Carlo Malacarne (Independent Director)
(1) Minority List Candidate