The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee supports the Board of Directors by gathering information, providing advice, making recommendations and, in particular, proposing the overall compensation of the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer and of certain Directors with key management roles. It also determines the criteria for setting the pay of the senior management of Group companies, as proposed by the Chief Executive Officer. It examines employee share-based incentive and bonus plans for Group companies using information provided by the Chief Executive Officer, the composition of the management bodies of strategic subsidiaries and strategic human resource development policies.

The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee consists of five Directors, the majority of whom are non-executive. Four independent Directors sit on the committee.

The current members of the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee Committee are:

(*) Independent Director


Lynda Tyler Cagni Chairman (*)
Carlo Bertazzo  
Gianni Coda (*)
Massimo Lapucci (*)
Monica Mondardini (*)