Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Guidelines

The Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Guidelines are based on the founding principles of the Global Compact, to which Atlantia adheres, on the core constitutional value of gender equality through equality of opportunity, on EU legislation on safeguarding dignity in the workplace, on the UN’s Agenda 2030 for sustainable development and, finally, on the Company’s own Code of Ethics.

To effectively deliver on and monitor the commitments given, alongside the new Guidelines, Atlantia has created a specific organisational unit, mechanisms for active participation and tools to monitor and continuously improve the policy. These include:

  • Definition of “Goals and metrics”: our DE&I goals will be defined alongside performance metrics – Key Human Indicators (KHIs) – designed to put people at the heart of the broad sustainability agenda the Company is pursuing.
  • Establishment of a Steering Committee, consisting of senior executives from the Group and external experts, to meet periodically to monitor trends, projects and metrics designed to measure achievement of the DE&I goals. For this purpose, organisational wellbeing surveys are to be conducted in order to gauge opinionamong Atlantia’s personnel on their working conditions and on a sustainable work-life balance.
  • Promotion of a DE&I Culture: to develop and disseminate a DE&I culture that can be integrated into all our business processes, including selection, training, performance and development planning, organisation, remuneration, people care and corporate welfare initiatives.
Read the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Guidelines
Read the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Guidelines