The Board of Directors, which is elected by the General Meeting according to a slate voting procedure, is the body with collective responsibility for managing the Company and:

  • has sole authority and full responsibility for day-to-day and extraordinary management of the Company;
  • manages and coordinates the Group's subsidiaries.

The Board of Directors currently has 15 members, including 13 non-executive Directors and 2 executive Directors (the CEO and the Chairman).
An adequate number of non-executive Directors qualify as independent, in accordance with the provisions of the Company’s Corporate Governance Code, which incorporates the principles contained in the Corporate Governance Code for companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.


Fabio Cerchiai Chairman
Giovanni Castellucci CEO
Carla Angela Director (*)
Gilberto Benetton Director
Carlo Bertazzo Director
Bernardo Bertoldi Director (*)
Gianni Coda Director (*)
Elisabetta De Bernardi di Valserra Director
Massimo Lapucci Director (*)
Lucy P. Marcus Director (*)
Giuliano Mari Director (*)
Valentina Martinelli Director
Marco Patuano Director
Monica Mondardini  Director (*)
Lynda Tyler Cagni Director (*)

(*) Directors who have issued a declaration of indipendence