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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which is elected by General Meeting via a list vote procedure, is the body responsible for managing the Company and:
  • has full day-to-day and extraordinary powers for the purposes of achieving the business purpose;
  • manages and coordinates the Group's subsidiaries.
The Board of Directors currently comprises 15 members, including 13 non-executive directors and 2 executive directors (the Managing Director and the Chairman).
An adequate number of non-executive directors have been recognised as independent directors, in accordance with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code, which incorporates the principles of the Code of Conduct for companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

Fabio Cerchiai Chairman
Giovanni Castellucci Managing Director
Gilberto Benetton Director
Alessandro Bertani Director
Alberto Bombassei Director (*)
Stefano Cao Director
Roberto Cera Director
Alberto Clò Director (*)
Antonio Fassone Director
Giuliano Mari Director (*)
Gianni Mion Director
Monica Mondardini Director (*) (**)
Giuseppe Piaggio Director
Antonino Turicchi Director (*)
Paolo Zannoni Director

(*) Directors who have issued a declaration of indipendence
(**) Appointed by the Annual General Meeting of 24 April 2012, previously co-opted by the Board of Directors on 20 January 2012