Atlantia SpA’s Corporate Governance system represents an essential instrument to ensure an efficient and successful management and a reliable control of the activities carried out by the company, aiming at the creation of value for shareholders and stakeholders.

The principles of Atlantia's corporate governance comply with Italian laws and regulations, as well as with best international practices, governance principles and recommendations for listed companies, in force from time to time.

Atlantia has adopted a traditional administration and control system according to which the General Meeting has the responsibility of adopting the most relevant decisions concerning the company, such as appointing the corporate bodies and approving the annual financial statements. The Board of Directors is entrusted with the management of the Company and carries out all the activities necessary to achieve the corporate purpose. Four Committees have been set up within the Board of Directors which are charged with consultative and advisory functions towards the Board of Directors itself. The Board of Statutory Auditors is responsible, among other things, for supervising the Company's compliance with the law and Article of Associations, as well as the observance of correct management principles in the carrying out of the Company's activities while the Independent Auditors are responsible for auditing the Company’s accounts.

On 21 December 2020 Atlantia's Board of Directors resolved, with the favourable opinion of the Company's Control, Risk and Corporate Governance Committee, to adhere to the new Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies, published on 31 January 2020 by the Corporate Governance Committee promoted by Borsa Italiana SpA, thereby superseding its own Corporate Governance Code in force since 14 December 2007 and updated over the years taking into account of Atlantia's specific situation and the recommendations made by Borsa Italiana. From 1 January 2021, the Company applies Borsa Italiana SpA's new Corporate Governance Code.

Atlantia publishes every year its Report on Corporate Governance containing detailed information to the market on the corporate governance system with particular reference to the corporate bodies, their composition, terms of office, functioning and duties. The Report also contains information on the ownership structure, control and risk management system as well as the choices made by the Company in application of governance principles and recommendations.

Information regarding the application of the Corporate Governance Code during the financial year 2021, will be disclosed in the corporate governance report to be published in 2022.


Atlantia Corporate Governance Code (effective until 31/12/2020)
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2020 Report on Corporate Governance
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